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View my profile on LinkedInJenny Patrickson, Managing Director

Jenny PatricksonJenny has over 25 years of experience within the active leisure sector, leading the development of specialist health and fitness related awarding organisations to achieve year-on-year growth and excellence in service provision. Whilst developing an in-depth understanding of regulatory frameworks and their requirements, Jenny has been responsible for strategic planning, business development and business process improvement. With a BA (Hons) in Adult Education, and having also worked within the training provider environment, Jenny has a clear understanding of the need for creative and flexible awarding organisation provision, in line with Active IQ’s values.

View my profile on LinkedInSarah Edmonds, Director of Quality and Standards

Sarah EdmondsSarah has been involved in the active leisure sector since 1990 when she first qualified as a group fitness instructor. After moving into the gym and becoming a PT, she subsequently made the transition into education initially as a vocational tutor, assessor and columnist. After becoming involved in quality assurance and regulatory compliance relating to examinations and awarding, her interest in the principles of assessment led her first to Cambridge University to study how these aligned to vocational education, then onto the Institute of Education (UCL) where she completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Assessment. Her dissertation “The Dismantling of the QCF: policy or validity at the heart of the decision-making process?” has been widely acknowledged across the vocational education sector as the cogent report of a complicated landscape. With quality at the heart of Active IQ’s business, it continues to be Sarah’s aim to embed this knowledge throughout the business.

View my profile on LinkedInLaura Sheasby, Head of Business Development

Laura SheasbyLaura joined the Active IQ Business Development team in early 2015 as a Business Development Manager having had previous experience working for an Awarding Organisation in both Qualification and Business Development roles. She progressed to her current role as Head of Business Development in 2016. Laura is passionate about the Health and Fitness sector and providing a service that is responsive and agile whilst maintaining high quality in the products and services that nurture the growth of skills for professionals working in the sector. She enjoys building and maintaining relationships with new or existing Active IQ customers to support their growth, alongside working in partnership with key stakeholders to contribute to the wider strategy of raising the profile of the Health and Wellbeing sector, in the drive to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

Lee Buck, Head of Product Development

Lee BuckLee starting working in the sector in the early 90’s, running after-school activity sessions, clubs and activity camps. After completing a degree in Sport Science, Lee moved into Leisure Operations where she was successfully involved in running a number of health clubs. During 2004, Lee moved from an operational role to a sector role where she was responsible for shaping national occupational standards and the Register of Exercise Professionals. In 2008, Lee joined Active IQ and has been responsible for qualification development for almost the last 10 years. During this time, Lee has helped to grow Active IQ’s offering from a handful of qualifications to over 100. Lee is able to take her knowledge of the industry, and her understanding of the educational and awarding sectors, to develop high quality, fit-for-purpose qualifications which meet the needs of the sector.

View my profile on LinkedInMandie Percival, Head of Quality Assurance

Mandie PercivalMandie started her career in the active leisure sector in 1995 as a group exercise instructor and then as a gym instructor and gym supervisor, before moving into education as a tutor, assessor and IV of vocational and work-based learning qualifications. Mandie joined Active IQ in 2007 as an external verifier and has remained within the quality assurance team since that time progressing to Lead External Verifier in 2012, and then again to Head of Quality Assurance in 2014. Mandie is passionate about the provision of fit-for-purpose and valuable education and training opportunities to ensure that learners completing Active IQ qualifications meet the needs of the industry. Mandie is committed to driving a robust, collaborative and dynamic approach to Active IQ’s quality assurance activities and is supported by a very experienced team of external verifiers.