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Active Intel

To login to Active Intel, please click here.

Active Intel is a web-based centre management solution that makes meeting Active IQ’s policies and procedures more efficient and effective, and improves communication between centres and Active IQ. It transforms and streamlines processes, communications and internal workloads, taking the support and services that centres receive from Active IQ to the next level.

Active IQ-recognised centres receive a ‘super-user’ login and are able to manage and create user accounts for colleagues so that they can access Active Intel too. Centres communicate with Active IQ predominantly through Active Intel and can apply for additional qualifications, apply for approval of additional staff members and inform Active IQ of programmes that are about to be delivered at the touch of a button.

As the system is live, centres can see their current risk profile at any time and any actions they need to complete. It also provides an accurate and up-to-date picture of a centre’s approved staff members, courses planned and any quality assurance activities completed. Centres can build a document library of policies, procedures and staff CVs and certificates for Active IQ’s external verifiers to view outside of any planned site visits. This ensures the quality assurance process is much more streamlined and effective, as external verifiers can focus far more on supporting and guiding centres during visits, rather than looking through documentation.

If you have specific queries relating to any of the quality assurance aspects at your centre, please contact your allocated EV who will be able to provide further guidance.

Active Intel Guidance videos

To assist centres with using our web based centre management system Active Intel, we have created videos that show users exactly how to navigate the system. The videos clarify how centres can utilize Active Intel, as well as the approval requirements for storage of centre information and records.

The first video provides guidance on the following areas:

  • What Active Intel is used fo
  • Centre requirements
  • How to add staff members and upload evidence of staff competence (CV’s and certificates)
  • How to link staff members to roles and qualifications
  • How to submit a Programme Notification Form
  • How to upload centre documents into your documents tab

The second video provides guidance on the following areas:

  • Where to find an EV visit planning letter that has been sent to your centre
  • How to access your EV report
  • How to locate actions that you have been set as a result of completed quality assurance activities
  • How to search and access past EV reports
  • How to print off an EV report
  • How to submit feedback forms

We hope that you find these videos a useful guide to the online system, however, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your allocated external verifier.