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Spotlight on Jess Green, External Verifier

Posted on 24 Sep 18

In this month’s spotlight feature, we interview Jess Green, External Verifier

Q. Tell us about your role at Active IQ, how long have you worked here and what you most enjoy?

A. I am an External Verifier covering the central region; based in Manchester and currently oversee centres spanning from Leeds down to North Birmingham including North Wales. I have worked within this role for 17 months and enjoy supporting my centres and offering key advice. I actually really enjoy delivering our live e-clinics, in the hope that I can provide guidance on becoming/maintaining compliance surrounding assessment practice.

Q. What advice can you give people who aspire to be where you are?

A. Understand the range of qualifications available within your vocation. Have a keen interest and experience in maintaining standards and quality assurance; if you do not currently possess an Internal Quality Assurance qualification (IQA) look into the role of an IQA and complete a recognised qualification (information is available on the Active IQ website under Professional Career Development). Keep up to date with the ever-changing industry of education and your vocation and be able to manage / prioritise your caseload effectively.

Q. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A. A Formula 1 engineer but unfortunately maths is not one of my strong points. I have always had a passion for health and fitness and wanting to help people, that’s how my career developed from being a trainer to an educator and then onto quality assurance.

Q. Tell us something we would never guess about you?

A. I am a biker (a motor bike rider in case you thought a cyclist seemed obvious in our industry).

Q. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

A. Three things came to mind when I read this question. Firstly, “Work hard, know that you have done your best and be okay with that”. Secondly, “Working together (as a team) you can achieve more”. Thirdly, “You have high standards, do not change them for others”.

Q. Which exercise do you most enjoy?

A. Metafit; running and family walks with my husband and four-legged boy.

Q. Any hidden talents?

A. Aside from riding a motorbike, I make essential oil candles and run a sports massage clinic from home.

Q. How would you describe yourself in three words?

A. Passionate, perfectionist, determined.