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Blog: Moving Medicine : A critical resource to fight inactivity

Posted on 20 Nov 18


A warm welcome to those reading this article. I am delighted to be writing this article around the Moving Medicine project, a national physical activity project led by the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine alongside Sport England and Public Health England.

What is Moving Medicine?

We know that nearly 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men are insufficiently active for good health and that a person is more likely to undertake physical activity if advised by a clinician. Public Health England has been working hard to ensure clinicians feel appropriately trained to provide that advice, given it is not covered in most health care related degrees.

Moving Medicine provides clinicians and allied health care professionals with research based condition specific advice. The project has taken over a year to develop with a range of experts used to develop the materials and further subject matter experts consulted at every stage of development. The resource has been designed to be used with the patient also present with the clinician. Both the clinician and the patient can then work through the resources together and vary the conversation based on how much time they have together.

Who is it aimed at and what conditions are covered?

The main focus of the resources is for healthcare professionals in a range of roles, whether in a GP surgery, community or the hospital. There are 10 key condition toolkits covered at present including the preventative medicine toolkit, which I was delighted to be one of the GP Leads on for the Royal College of GPs and BASEM who were partners on that toolkit.

Want to see it in action?

The video below shows you a real-time talk through of the Moving Medicine Resource (5min):

How can we use this resource in the health and fitness industry?

At Active IQ, we believe in sharing the latest resources and information to ensure our students and centres are up-to-date. This project is a massive step forward in the physical inactivity battle.

As physical activity specialists, we need to be aware of this resource and look at how we can use it. From a teaching point of view, the resource lends itself greatest to the Diploma in Exercise Referral, Level 4 courses and the new PT Diploma. By understanding the resources available to the practitioners we can better serve our patients/clients. Moving Medicine is also most importantly a research-based resource endorsed by the medical community. The content is trustworthy, which again is important to teach our students.

Further Links:

Do take the time to explore this layered website with a lot of information! Should you have any questions, do get in touch.

Best wishes,

Dr Dane Vishnubala | Active IQ Chief Medical Advisor