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“We will see a shift towards LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training) – the younger, gentler sibling of HIIT.  This longer, less intense session will cater for people new to exercise, those recovering from an injury and the growing number of consumers for whom taking their body to the absolute limit holds no appeal.

“Group training will also see some changes as more creative forms of group work are developed by ingenious trainers making the most of innovative equipment.  We will see plenty of functional, strength and conditioning moves incorporated utilising rigs and associated equipment and circuit based team work to keep motivation levels high.

“Technology will continue to influence and enhance exercise.  From live streaming of fitness classes over apps and platforms like YouTube to fitness trackers being integrated into group exercise. Allowing class members to track their own progress such as calories burned, average heart rate, distance travelled in indoor cycling sessions will boost motivation and some friendly competition among those who seek to compete with others as well as themselves.  Wearables will continue to develop in terms of sophistication, integrating apps and sharing meaningful, well-presented data for users.  Needless to say, instructors and PTs will need to keep up with the technology and enhanced training and upskilling programmes will come into play to support them.”