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Progress is underway at Active IQ to take account of the new requirements of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (the replacement for the QCF), whereby, by the end of December 2017, all qualifications will have been reviewed, amended, launched or redeveloped to come in line with the regulatory conditions that will require all qualifications to be described in terms of Total Qualification Time (TQT) and Guided Learning (GLH).

Going forward, qualifications will only have GLH ascribed to them where direct face to face learning (or real time equivalent such as live webinars for example) must take place. This has considerable implications for training providers who have delivery models of a distance and blended learning approach and rely on public funding for delivery via Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contracts. Awarding organisations are in the process of gathering evidence of typical delivery times for their qualifications across a range of providers and other stakeholders (e.g. professional bodies), with the lowest time overall being the amount that will be assigned to the qualification, and thus enforceable through quality assurance activity across all providers.

For more information on Active IQ’s approach to this work please contact Sarah Edmonds, Director of Quality and Standards, on