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From the start of the new academic year, all centres who were approved to deliver the Level 3 Diploma in Physical Activity, Fitness and Exercise Science (PAFES) qualification should have received a lecture pack on a CD ROM when approved.

This would either have been given to your centre’s business development contact, or it would have been sent out to your centre following approval. Included in these resources are a few guidance documents that may be helpful for centres when learning how to use this new extended resource. These include:

  • Directory DfE lecture pack – which gives a visual overview of where each of the resources can be found.
  • DfE Snapshot lecture pack – gives a visual overview of what is available in each lecture pack.
  • Lecture pack user guide – gives an overview of how each resource can be used.
  • Supporting resource contents library (Level 2, Level 3 and general contents) – These documents list every document available in the lecture packs and where they can be found. Centres can search for specific resources using the ‘find’ function in word and the document can be found in the corresponding folder.

All the above resources can be found in the Dip PAFES Guidance documents folder on the CD ROM.

The CD ROM also contains a lecture pack for each unit including copies of the Learner Achievement Portfolio and Specific Assessment Guidance as well as the extended lecture packs and mock exams.

Resources which may be useful to centres to use in a number of units can be found in the Dip PAFES template documents folder on their CD ROM.

It is highly recommended that the centres browse through these folders to see what is of use and available to them. There are some great additional extras (e.g. a muscle manual, a range of PAR-Q forms, programme cards and session plans) that may be useful to use during qualification delivery and assessments.