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SUPfit founder, Lucy McCormick has joined forces with Active IQ to develop a bespoke qualification for those interested in using Stand Up Paddleboarding for Fitness. The new SUP fitness instructor package combines the elements of stand up paddle boarding, yoga and fitness to give participants the skills to teach three of SUPfits signature classes: SUP & Run, SUP Circuits and SUP Stretch & Strengthen.


With over eight years’ experience within the water sports industry, Lucy noticed a gap in the market and found that within the fitness industry there was a growing demand for SUP fit instructors.  The SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness courses, have been available as additional CPD courses for three years are very popular next year’s SUP Yoga already sold out. It was the popularity of these courses that lead Lucy to formalise her training and work with an awarding body to develop a recognised qualification specifically for water sports and activity centres to ensure professionalism and safety in the emerging sector of SUP fitness.  Using their expertise, Active IQ then worked with Lucy to develop the specific assessment criteria and ensured the modules fulfilled the needs of stand up paddleboard instructors and fitness professionals.

“I’m delighted to be working with Active IQ as our approved awarding body,” says Lucy McCormick, Founder of SUPfit. “As an organisation, Active IQ really gives our brand the strength and recognition for quality assured training. When researching awarding bodies Active IQ immediately stood out for me. Throughout the process Active IQ has been really helpful and I can’t thank them enough. The support from James Clack and the team has been impeccable.”

Using his expertise, James worked closely alongside Lucy to ensure the course is fit for the market. As part of the course, participants will have a face-to-face training course as well as completing four modules via Active IQ’s e-learning platform including:

  • Technique
  • SUP skills and drills
  • Lesson planning, group management and leadership
  • Risk and site assessment
  • SUP Fitness Equipment
  • Understanding how to meet individual client’s goals and needs, and how to match the delivery accordingly
  • Running successful SUP Fitness sessions
  • Structuring lesson plans for the delivery of SUP Fitness sessions in a variety of weather conditions
  • How to launch and maintain a successful on-water programme


“The popularity and demand for SUP fitness and yoga has increased dramatically over the past couple of years and we are delighted to be supporting SUPfit with the development of this new qualification,” says James Clack, Business Development Manager for Active IQ. “I thoroughly enjoyed developing the qualification and can see it has great potential for instructors and centres.”

The first course will launch in January 2017, taking place on the 20th and 21st at Lagoon Watersports in Brighton.