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People are truly at the heart of everything we do at Active IQ. Every person who works for us is passionate about their role and is committed to providing the best service to our centres that deliver our qualifications to their learners. We simply love what we do, it’s part of our DNA and values.

The Active IQ team is continually creating new qualifications and services to support our approved centres. We listen and engage with our customers to stay at the forefront of innovation and development by meeting their needs and providing helpful solutions.

Our new campaign ‘People at the heart of everything we do’ is a way to recognise our team members who go above and beyond their roles to ensure our customers receive the best experience. Whilst those who work for Active IQ will be recognised, we also want to recognise our valued customers who we partner with that provide the training to their learners will go on to help others achieve their fitness goals.

We start with a feature on our Qualification Development team whose roles are vital in the creation process of Active IQ’s qualifications and supporting resources – Head of Product Development, Lee Buck, Qualification Development Manager, Pippa Yarworth-Cleeton and Qualification Coordinator, Karen Pearce.

Every Active IQ qualification starts as an idea which is then turned in to a qualification by the Qualification Development team after identifying the needs of the market. The team is responsible for creating our first class resources, from qualifications and specific assessment guidance to manuals and lecture packs. This process from creation through to approval and release of a qualification can take up to 6 months of hard work from the team who work tirelessly to ensure deadlines are met at all stages.

Lee’s role is to oversee and coordinate the development of our qualifications to ensure they are compliant with regulations. This involves linking all aspects of qualification development together, from customer feedback to developments in the sector.

Focusing on continuously improving our offer to customers, the team continue to work on innovative ways to bring our qualifications to life. One of the ways they do this is by investigating how digital resources such as our eLearning platform can support both our centres and their learners.

Our eLearning content is already providing significant benefits for training providers and learners, as it allows learners to access online teaching materials, whilst also enabling tutors and assessors to track the progress of their learners. Active IQ now has a broad range of qualifications which are supported by eLearning.

Pippa says this about her role:  “I’m lucky that I get to use all of my past experience in this job role. Previously I have been a gym instructor, a group fitness instructor, a studio manager, a regional health and fitness manager, an assessor, an internal verifier, an external verifier and still keep my hand-in doing internal verification for a Pilates centre and teaching yoga and mindfulness to adults and children.  Every day is different in this job – one day I am writing brand new units, the next day I could be writing multiple-choice exam questions and compiling exam papers and the next compiling manual text or putting together lecture packs”.

Karen’s role is to ‘bring the qualifications to life’ once they have been developed.  Once a new qualification is ready Karen ensures that centres have access to the qualifications which enables centres to become approved to deliver the new qualifications and register their learners. Karen has to carefully transfer all of the relevant details of a new qualification onto Active IQ’s customer facing systems which ensures the qualification can be administered. Karen is also on the end of the phone for customer queries regarding qualifications and has a special focus on the Tech Level exams. As well as this, Karen is a constant support for Lee and Pippa and helps with a variety of tasks that come her way.

Lee, Pippa and Karen are three of the team at Active IQ who strive to provide the best service to our customers and help the company accomplish its goals. If you would like to learn more about how Active IQ can support your centre, please get in touch with our business development team at

Lee has this to say about her role at Active IQ: “It’s a privilege to be able to create qualifications that provide entry in to employment and career progression for so many learners and that those learners then go on to touch so many lives which all contribute to making a more physically active nation.”

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