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In her outgoing speech as Chief Regulator, Glenys Stacey took the opportunity to discuss the recently published regulatory report regarding their findings from a recent audit of awarding organisations, saying “…, in a number of audits, where we have looked for evidence of compliance with our requirements for effective centre controls, we have found non-compliance, again and again, in different awarding organisations. And we are and we will continue to refer those non-compliances to our enforcement team. It is critical that those who rely on qualifications can have confidence in the way assessment is delivered – that they can rely on the outcomes of assessment no matter where or when it takes place”

Active IQ take the issue of compliance very seriously, looking to prevent malpractice wherever possible, and our centre agreements require all approved centres to do the same, sharing the complementary responsibilities of safeguarding learners whilst upholding the standards of all Active IQ qualifications and assessment requirements. The full speech can be located here.