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Active IQ is pleased to be able to offer End-point Assessments (EPAs) for the new apprenticeship standards as a registered apprenticeship assessment organisation (AAO) for the following standards approved for delivery:

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The new standards describe the skills, knowledge and behaviours that an apprentice needs to be fully competent in an occupation, while the accompanying assessment plan sets out how the apprentice should be assessed to demonstrate that they have met these standards at the end of their apprenticeship journey.

These new standards contain on-programme training and assessment, plus a final End-point Assessment (EPA). This EPA must be delivered by an independent organisation, recognised on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (the RoAAO), such as Active IQ.

We have developed high-quality and rigorous assessments for every level, plus wrap-around supporting resources for the entire apprenticeship journey, as you would expect from a leading awarding organisation. This includes resources to support on-programme training and assessment for both the apprentice themselves, and the training provider/employer, to ensure a rewarding experience, and the best possible preparation for a successful outcome of the EPA.

For more information on EPA resources, guidance and registration please contact

You can also download the Future Apprenticeships Toolkit document (38.1 MB)


End-point Assessment FAQs


  • Does my organisation need to become an Active IQ approved Centre in order to use your End-point Assessment service?

    Where a Standard does not include any mandated qualifications– or where it specifies a recommendation for a qualification but not a requirement and you choose not to deliver it. There is no requirement for you to become a fully approved Active IQ Centre.

    Where a qualification is mandated within a Standard and you intend to deliver it using Active IQ as your chosen Awarding Organisation you will need to apply to become a fully approved Active IQ Centre.

    Regardless of the above scenarios, Active IQ will maintain a formal record of your organisation in order to facilitate the necessary data capture requirements for the delivery of EPA.

  • What is the cost of becoming an approved Active IQ Centre to deliver mandated/recommended apprenticeship qualifications?

    Where an employer/provider decides to use Active IQ regulated mandated/recommended qualifications within an apprenticeship, there are no costs incurred with becoming a fully approved Active IQ Centre.

  • How much do you charge for your EPA service?

    The fees associated with EPA vary depending on the Apprenticeship Standard. Active IQ has a 25% / 75% payment structure. The first 25% payment is made no later than 25% into the apprenticeship from point of enrolment of the apprentice with the provider. Therefore for a 12 month apprenticeship, by the end of month 3 – For an 18 month apprenticeship, by the end of month 5 – For a 2 year apprenticeship, by the end of month 6.

    The remaining 75% payment is made at the scheduling of End-point Assessment following the Gateway meeting.

  • How is the EPA conducted?

    A range of assessment methods will be used to determine an apprentice’s skills, knowledge and behavior (SKB). Different Apprenticeship assessment plans specify the assessment method required. These could be a combination of: The Apprentice Showcase, Practical Observation, Professional Discussions, Project Presentation and Knowledge Test. Active IQ’s team of End-point Assessors will make use of technology and flexible testing arrangements to ensure a smooth convenient service, for employers, providers and apprentices.

    If you require information on specific assessment methods for assessment plans Active IQ is ESFA approved. Please contact

  • What notice do you require in order to carry out EPA?

    Apprentices should be registered with Active IQ at the start of their Apprenticeship. Following the gateway meeting appointment of an EPA will be triggered through our Quartz registration system and customer support team. The assessment of an apprentice will be fully completed and graded within a 12 week period following the gateway.

    Please note if an apprentice only becomes known to us after their gateway, we must ensure 10 weeks between gateway and EPA to allow apprentices sufficient time to prepare for their final assessment.

  • Are mock assessments and other such materials provided to help apprentices prepare for EPA?

    Active IQ provide a range of free supportive toolkits for the employer/provider and apprentice. These toolkits help prepare apprentices for their EPA.

    For more information about the specific resources available please contact

  • Do you charge for an apprentice to retake their EPA?

    Yes, if an apprentice fails a part of their EPA. Any applied fees will depend on the assessment plan. For information on the specific retake fees associated to an assessment plan, please contact

  • In the event of a retake, do all assessment components need to be retaken, or just those that have been failed?

    This will be determined within individual assessment plans. For information on the specific retake format for an assessment plan, please contact

  • Does Active IQ issue the Apprenticeship certificate?

    The apprenticeship certificate is issued by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). Active IQ customer support team will apply for an apprenticeship certificate and also issue an Active IQ certificate of completion to each apprentice. The Active IQ certificate is not an apprenticeship certificate and only confirms that the apprentice has completed their End-point Assessment and the specific grades achieved.

  • Who issues any completed Apprenticeship mandated/recommended certificates?

    Any mandated/recommended qualifications that are registered through Active IQ as part of an apprenticeship standard will be certified prior to the gateway meeting. Active IQ will send hard copies of any relevant certificates once the apprenticeship has been completed.

  • What assessment plans are Active IQ approved as an EPAO?

    Active IQ is fully approved by the ESFA as an EPAO for:

    • Business Administrator
    • Community Activator Coach
    • Customer Service Practitioner
    • Leisure Duty Manager
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Team Leader/Supervisor

    Active IQ will make further EPAO applications to the ESFA for: Leisure Team Member, Personal Training, Community Activator Coach, Community Sport Health Officer and Higher Level Teaching Assistant when the apprenticeship standards and assessment plans have been signed off by their respective authorities.

  • Can we use our own team of assessors?

    Active IQ fully inducts and trains a team of highly qualified, competent End-point Assessors. In some circumstances Active IQ could use End-point Assessors supplied by an employer or provider. For more information regarding using your own team of assessors please contact

  • How is 20% off job training met by an Employer/Provider?

    20% off job training equates to 42 days in a 12 month Apprenticeship. In order to maintain compliance an employer/provider must keep a log of any off job training that has been completed by an apprentice. Active IQ has included a training log in the apprentice toolkit which can be used to record and document any off job training.

    The Minister of skills has described off job training as not prescriptive and being quite flexible. The delivery and assessment of any functional skills cannot be logged as off job training.

    Off job training can be defined as:

    • E-learning supporting any mandated/recommended qualifications delivered during an Apprenticeship
    • Webinars
    • Mentoring/Job shadowing
    • Delivery and assessment of mandated/recommended qualifications during an Apprenticeship
    • Support given by peers
  • Are employers/providers exempt from VAT for Apprenticeship Standards?

    Training/assessment for Levy payers will be exempt of VAT whereas training/assessment for non-Levy payers will be non-exempt for the employer contribution element of the training, which is 10%. The other 90% is funded by government, even for non-Levy payers, therefore it is only the 10% which is VAT-able.

    Active IQ will need to obtain written confirmation of the status. Ie whether all training costs are funded through the government or if there is any employer contribution.