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Active IQ’s Customer Services Team consists of Head of Operations Michael Donohoe, Supervisor Jonny Wrycraft, and Customer Service Administrators Robin Larham, Leianne Bromwich, David Dou and Claire Rockenbach.

The team’s day-to-day duties are quite varied, dealing with anything from centre and learner enquiries to marking exam papers and processing learner certificates. Even the simplest of matters like updating a misspelt learner name so that their all-important certificate reads correctly is all in a day’s work for the team and is handled efficiently to avoid any undue delays.

Each day a lucky member of the team has the task of batching-up and despatching the hundreds of certificates that the team print each day, which is just one example of the ‘hands-on’ nature of their job.

One area that makes Active IQ truly stand out is that each approved centre, from the very largest and long-standing to a far smaller brand new centre, are allocated a dedicated point of contact in the Customer Services Team who they know will be on hand to personally deal with any queries or requests they might have. This personal touch is a key reason why Active IQ is a market-leading brand.

The team’s talents don’t stop there, though! Each team member has their own skills and talents. Jonny can be found refereeing Saturday / Sunday football matches whilst David recently completed a gruelling 10k Wolf Run in Warwickshire. Leianne is a proud mother of her daughter Calli who is currently in primary school.

Michael has given us a view of his role on his Spotlight feature: “I joined Active IQ in January as Head of Operations, with a principal remit of improving the efficiency of our processes and helping to implement our new digital strategy. As you can probably tell from that remit, IT solutions are a key feature of my role, and I really enjoy implementing business systems that help both colleagues and customers to make best use of their time by servicing their requirements in an intelligent, intuitive way, so I join Active IQ at a very exciting time of change. In the second half of 2017 we will be launching a number of new digital initiatives that will strengthen our offer and improve our customers’ experience, so I really look forward to making those products and services available.” Michael’s claim to fame is he’s distantly related to the comedian and actor Stephen Mangan!


Jonny also speaks about his role in his Spotlight feature: “I have been working for Active IQ for two and a half years now. I first started with the company as a Customer Service Administrator and after just over a year with the Active IQ I was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor. I enjoy helping customers on a daily basis with all queries from registrations to certifications.”

Claire has this to say about her role: “Every day in the office is varied, we work on a rotating rota covering certain duties every day which range from processing registrations, processing results and printing certificates, scanning exam papers and sending over results and finally general office duties of internal and external post, filing, answering the phone etc. I also look after approximately 280 Individual Centres where I am their main point of contact for any help or queries that they may have. At times it can be hard work but we work as a team and the last year and a half that I have been with Active IQ has been very enjoyable.” Claire was also a Game Maker for the London 2012 Olympics!

The Customer Service Team strive to give the best possible customer care to all our centres and learners and pride ourselves with all the positive feedback we receive in return.