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Professional Recognition enables your organisation to gain Active IQ’s professional kite mark for your own non-regulated training programmes. Your programmes can vary in length and in delivery method and context, as long as they meet the quality guidelines set by Active IQ.

Benefits of Professional Recognition

  • Enhancing the status of your training by using Active IQ’s Professional Recognition to ensure your training meets quality guidelines.
  • Increased customer appeal and positive perception through association with the Active IQ brand (as the leading specialist awarding organisation for the health, fitness and wellbeing sector).
  • Co-branded Professional Recognition certificates for your learners
  • Gain additional recognition with CIMSPA’s Skills Development Partnership scheme

Active IQ’s Professional Recognition process

Active IQ will:

  • Provide you with guidelines to support the Professional Recognition application process.
  • Review your application and programme materials.
  • Provide the Active IQ Professional Recognition logo for use on course materials and in-house certificates of achievement.
  • Include every professionally recognised provider’s information on the Active IQ website.
  • Request an annual review and renewal activity to ensure your programmes continue to meet the quality guidelines.


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