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Active IQ’s Professional Career Development service enables you and your staff to upskill for the next stage of your career.

Develop your skills and knowledge with our online options to make upskilling quick and convenient. Choose from the following list of qualifications available:

“IQL UK and the RLSS UK have been working in partnership with Active IQ for two years. Our partnership has been based on the delivery of training courses for our workforce in order to upskill them to become improved trainers. Negotiations towards an agreement for our partnership were straightforward and throughout our partnership I have found the team at Active IQ to be extremely professional and accommodating of our needs.Martin Symcox“Their service towards our workforce has been timely and efficient and where issues have arisen they have been dealt with promptly and always considered the customers’ expectations as a priority. The overwhelming majority of the feedback that I have received from our workforce has been positive and they have benefited greatly from undertaking the courses.”

Martin Symcox, Director of IQL UK and Water Safety Management

Application Process
Please select your preferred training option, review and complete the Active IQ Professional Career Development Application form – available to download here – and email it to to book your place.

Further Information
If you would like more information about Active IQ’s Professional Career Development please call 01480 482548.