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  • How do I save an EV Visit Report from Active Intel as a PDF document if I need to submit it to other AOs, etc.?

    To save a report, go to the advanced search option on Active Intel and locate the report you would like to save. Select print at the bottom of the page. The form will then be displayed. Select the tools option from your toolbar (this icon looks like a cog), select file, save as and then save to your computer.

  • How do I locate previous EV Visit Reports or Programme Notification Forms?

    Use the advanced search option on the Active Intel home screen. You can select whether you want to look for open and/or closed forms, and select which type of form you require. All forms submitted by centres, or submitted to the centre by Active IQ, will be available via this search button.

  • I have uploaded a document from Active Intel to my centre’s document library but I can’t see it.

    You can search for any document you have uploaded using the advanced search box or wait until the next day as your document library will refresh overnight.

  • I have added a staff member and their CV and certificates to Active Intel; does the EV know this has been done or do we have to email the CV and certificates as well?

    The allocated EV for your centre will receive a notification when staff members are added to your centre, however if you wish, you can send a simple email to let your EV know you have added someone and the EV will act promptly to review their approval. However, there’s no need to email the CV and certificates as well.

  • We have taken on a member of staff who is already approved with other Active IQ centres; does this mean that we don’t need to upload their CV and certificates to Active Intel and gain approval for them?

    All centres need to maintain an accurate, up-to-date list of all staff who are involved with Active IQ qualifications. Therefore, staff approvals have to be completed in the normal way via Active Intel (regardless of prior approval) as they are a new staff member to your centre.

  • How do I know which staff members at my centre have been approved within Active Intel?

    You can check staff approvals in a number of ways. Firstly, select the ‘Staff to quals’ tab of your Active Intel Staff tab. Here you will see that underneath each qualification/role applied for, approved staff members are shown as ‘Accepted’. If additional evidence is required in order to process the approval/s, the role/s applied for will state either ‘Part Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’.

    Alternatively, you can select the ‘Quals to staff’ tab of your Active Intel Staff tab. Here you will see the linked staff underneath each qualification and whether these staff members have been accepted/part accepted/rejected. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that you have the minimum staff required (at least one approved tutor, assessor and IV) for each qualification you are offering.

    Secondly, within the Staff tab of your centre’s Active Intel account, there is a grey ‘Audit’ button located on the right-hand side of the screen. When selected, this will show a clear audit trail of activities including the times and dates of when you (the centre) uploaded/amended details for that staff member, and also when your allocated EV accepted/part accepted/rejected the staff approval. (Please note that any text relating to staff members that have been accepted will be shown in green, any staff members part accepted will be shown in orange and any staff members rejected will be shown in red).

    Alongside any part accepted or rejected staff approvals will be details of the evidence still required in order to process acceptance of the requested staff approvals.