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Ex-professional boxer turned personal trainer and sports performance coach, Cathy Brown, has had her new Boxology® boxing course recognised by our Professional Recognition scheme, and also approval by CIMSPA. Cathy teamed up with professional boxing expert Greg Williams to launch Boxology® which is specifically aimed at personal trainers and martial arts instructors.

With over a decade of experience as a professional athlete within the world of boxing and kick boxing, Cathy has combined her expertise with the help of Greg Williams to develop the Boxology® Beginner course so PTs and instructors can perfect the art of taking boxing sessions.

Boxology® Beginner is a guide to boxing from the history, anatomy/physiology, injury prevention to the correct way to coach and hold pads. The course has been designed to help instructors correctly teach key boxing skills including basic footwork and combinations.

As part of the course participants will learn how to:

  • Hold pads for clients whilst maintaining healthy joints and muscles so that no injuries occur to either party
  • Instruct exercises to help preserve joints for both the trainer and their client.
  • Wrap hands effectively so they don’t get injured.

Participants will also learn the appropriate warm up and cool down techniques and how to determine different ways of teaching for different individuals.

“Over the past few years boxing for fitness has grown massively in popularity but time and again I see personal trainers teaching the sport quite poorly, which in turn can cause serious injury to their clients,” says Cathy Brown. “This inspired me to create a course that covers the basic skills and highlights key safety aspects so that personal trainers and martial art instructors can teach boxing in a safe and professional manner.”

The history, anatomy, physiology and coaching skills are covered in an online manual which Brown has developed in partnership with Williams. Participants receive this prior to the course and an online pre-requisite exam based on the manual must be passed before attending a two-day practical course at the luxury London Health Club, Third Space. Once qualified all participants will also gain access to the Boxology® App, which comes complete with a library of technical videos to help them develop the skills they will have learnt on the course.

“It was important for us to achieve Professional Recognition from Active IQ and CIMSPA to give our brand strength and confidence that our training is quality assured,” says Cathy. “When researching awarding bodies and looking into industry recognition Active IQ immediately stood out for me as our course has been designed specifically in mind for personal trainers.”

“The popularity and demand for boxing within fitness has increased dramatically over the years,” says James Clack, Business Development Manager at Active IQ. “Teaching trainers and delivering boxing sessions to clients comes with responsibility and we were only too pleased to work with Cathy and Greg to ensure Boxology® meets our quality criteria: they can deliver this with confidence and we wish them the best of luck with their new course.”

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