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The Active IQ team would like to give a big congratulations to our Qualifications Development Manager Pippa Yarwoth-Cleeton, who completed the “Race to the stones” ultra marathon to raise money for her son’s school and the Mix Charity. She also completed the run as a personal challenge of something to do before 50. The route took her through 62 miles of the countryside, through rough terrain and rain.

Pippa gives us her account of the run:

“On Saturday I ran the 62 miles (100 km) Race to the Stones to raise money for play equipment at my son’s school, to support the Mix (the event’s charity) and as part of my 50 things to do at 50. I started at 9am on Saturday morning and finished at 1.25am on Sunday morning!!! It took over 16 hours of running interspersed with walking when I could not see where I was going or the hills were too steep. The terrain was rough. The rain for the first half caused soggy feet and a resulting blister which got sorted at half way.

Once it got dark I couldn’t see where my feet were going and this was the most challenging part, running for 3 hours in darkness. Most of the time I was on my own, which caused me to get lost at one point adding a few miles to the total! I met some lovely people along the way and after Jasper presented me with a leaf I ran with it and was thereafter known as the leaf lady. It gradually wilted as did I towards the end but I will cherish it as my souvenir.

This was the hardest, toughest experience of my life and so much respect goes to regular ultra marathoners. It hurt like hell and there is not one part of my body that isn’t in pain this morning.
A special shout out to my amazing support team Jimmy and Jasper (and Dodger). Jimmy was amazing and met me at every pit stop bar one and was still supporting me when I thought I was going to throw up at the services at 2.30am!

To my fellow runners, do just one of these in your lifetime if you can.

We need our kids to be able enjoy the fun of outdoor fitness and that can start with a trim trail at school and who knows maybe one day this will lead to an ultramarathon. We need to get more children, more active, more often. The Mix is also a fabulous charity that support the mental health of young people and I will be donating a proportion of the money raised to them also.

Thank you to all my amazing supporters, you know who you are.

This was one of my 50 things to do at 50 (in 6 weeks’ time) so a big tick off that list!”.