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Active IQ has launched a new manual to support the delivery of the new Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance.

The comprehensive manual will provide knowledge and insight to fitness professionals, helping them to understand nutrition for sport and exercise performance and help guide, advise and plan healthy eating for their clients.

The manual covers:
• How a healthy, balanced diet can optimise sports performance.
• How to access credible information about sports and performance nutrition.
• The benefits and risks of specific nutritional protocols that may be used to prepare for sports or fitness events.
• The current scientific evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of common, legally available supplements and ergogenic aids.

Responding to market demand, Active IQ developed this manual to help learners to navigate this vast landscape far better. We are constantly bombarded with conflicting information about what to eat and drink and when and how to do so. Marketing companies sell the magic of supplements as the winning formula for success. For anyone who wants to be a successful performer, it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest research and to decide what makes sense and what works.

Using Case Studies from a range of sports, this manual aims to give current factual information but encourages the fitness professional to seek out the latest
research and gain insight into the world of sports nutrition through their own investigative eyes.

For more information about purchasing this manual to support the qualification or indeed to look at applying for this hugely popular award please contact Active IQ on