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In response to the rise in demand for PTs to manage clients’ health issues, Active IQ has partnered with the award-winning training provider Health and Fitness Education to revitalise two of its key Level 4 qualifications. With a clear steer from our Chief Medical Officer Dr Dane Vishnubala, we have ensured the Managing Low Back Pain with Exercise and Physical Activity and Exercise Intervention for Clients with Obesity & Diabetesqualifications remain relevant and include a high level of professional clinical input in both their content and delivery.

Lee Cain, MD at HFE, relies on us to keep up to speed on the latest thinking of clinical commissioning groups, apply NICE guidelines and stay on top of the wealth of medical reports and resources on his behalf. Not only that, Dr Vishnubala goes into HFE sites, addresses the students and shares his valuable expertise as a practicing GP.

Using physical training to alleviate backpain


Taking this pro-active approach is welcomed by Dr Vishnubala who believes forward thinking training providers such as HFE have a real opportunity to turn the tide by offering robust qualifications. By embedding the latest medical thinking and GP practices into the study, he believes the next generation of advanced personal trainers are capable of easing the NHS burden.

A daunting prospect? Not for Lee whose trust in us is absolute. “We have small groups of students who immerse themselves in the topics and enjoy rich discussions and session work. We can only do that knowing Active IQ has our back in terms of providing excellent resources, first-rate student materials for online and classroom learning and experts to contribute up-to-the-minute thinking for both our tutors and students.”

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