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Recent studies and research have all shown that exercise and physical activity have additional benefits of improving and maintaining mental wellbeing alongside physical health. This is why for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, Active IQ and several of our partners in the health and fitness sector have taken part in a variety of activities in support of the event to raise awareness of mental health issues and remove the stigma attached to seeking help and treatment.

The team at CPSL mind with Active IQ’s donations and goodies

Active IQ showed its support with an office wide fundraiser and donation of goodies for CPSL mind, who were absolutely delighted with our donation. CPSL mind are a charity based in Cambridgeshire who provide help and support to those with mental health issues.

Through recent changes in the fitness sector, we have seen an improvement in the awareness of mental health issues along with a drive to improve accessibility and inclusivity in sports. The publication of the “Duty of Care in Sports” report published last month and the launch of FitUK’s Mental Health Awareness in Physical Activity and Sport” programme are some good examples of the progress being made in the industry.

Active IQ’s support for this objective is evident with its specialised qualifications such as the “Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Disabled Clients”. Promoting sports and activities to improve peoples’ health will only be beneficial in the long term, and because of this, we hope this new paradigm continues to develop.

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